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on psychiatry and psychology

Fi erectile dysfunction; treatment, cure

Abstract: Depending on the cause, the problem is treated psychologically, with medicines or with devices.

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psychologist Independent medical expert answers on psychiatry and psychology

Fi erectile dysfunction; treatment, cure

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Written by: Wendy Moelker, psychologist in charge of Emergis, Goes, the Netherlands.
First version: 22 Jul 2008.
Latest revision: 24 Aug 2008.

How can erection problems be treated? How can I get Erection Help? Describe erectile dysfunction treatment.


The treatment of an erection disorder can be divided by a specialist into a psychological treatment, a medicinal treatment or a treatment with devices. A psychological treatment looks at the possible psychological causes. The partner, if any, is usually involved. There are different forms of psychological treatment (see sex therapy). Depending on the problem, attention can be given to certain exercises e.g relaxation and caressing exercises, the communication between the partners, the thoughts and feelings when making love and the sex pattern. Furthermore, attention is given to any other focus of attention when making love, especially physical perceptions. Changing the existing thoughts and feelings around the problems is also important. For many people, concentration and sexual fantasies are important to get an erection.

The medicinal treatment consists of the administration of Viagra or other similar medicines. This substance may help with physical and psychological causes. It only helps when there is sexual stimulation. If this stimulation doesn't exist, no erection will follow. One tablet starts to work after about an hour. Generally the results are good. The medicine is only available on prescription. Medical injections in the corpus cavernosum also used. A specialist or doctor teaches the patient how to inject the substance. After five to ten minutes the penis is stiff. The injections work best if both partners feel like making love and have already started.

There are also devices like an elastic ring, the vacuum pump, the artificial penis or the extension condom.

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