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Sadorexia - Anorexia with Masochism

Abstract: Sadorexia is a combination of anorexia with masochism.

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Sadorexia - Anorexia with Masochism

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Written by: Jacob Palme, professor, Stockholm University
First version: 22 Jul 2008.
Latest revision: 13 Aug 2008.

What is meant by "Sadorexia"?


Sadorexia is a 2nd generation eating disorder characterized by a pervasive combined pattern of partial anorexic, bulimic or orthorexic behavior and non-traditional slimming techniques like severe masochism to achieve extreme, top-model-type thinness while strongly alleviating anxiety and without raising suspicions in friends or relatives. Sadorexia is usually regarded as an 'evolution' of traditional eating disorders as well as self-injury: a result of medical smugness, prohibitionist approaches, denial of causal factors and self-bloating of those who should have been working for solutions.

Sarorexia was discovered in Spain by WANBULA grassroots group (Webs Against Anorexia and Bulimia, in Spanish) and reported by .

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