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  my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him
  Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him

 (reply)  Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him

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Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him (Reply to: 138039 from C17D29020DC5A9721EB378C35AAC11CE )
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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 04:45: +0200
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I was the one who started off with "we're all in the same boat" about two-three posts before this one.

if it is one thing we ALL have in common, it's the fact that what we FEEL for the other person is so incomparable...

can we all honestly say that maybe at one point or another we've either told our friends or thought to ourselves that this person that we are with cannot even compare to anyone else because of the way that he's making us feel?

"He makes me feel so good, so loved (other than the cheating part), that I just never wanna be without him...."

and you know what.. the more I read about other people going through the same situation as I am, the more it starts to open up my mind..

The more I used to DESPERATELY hold on to that "REASON" (of why I shouldnt leave him), the more it drove me insane.. because I kept thinking to myself, "no NO, i love him too much, i never wanna let go. I'll take that pain"..

and I hated that.

because deep down.. i knew how pitiful i was... i just didnt want to do anything about it.

I hated KNOWING that he has every control over me.

That I would take him back everytime he did something wrong. He knew I would. Because he had me wrapped up around his little finger. And I hated that.

Read this forum over guys. Then read it again. At some point... you'll start to think... your mind'll start to open up.. even if it's a little at a time...

I'm not to the point where I can let go...

I still have that little sliver hope I'm clinging on to.. it bugs me.. but I'd like to move on soon... whether it's with or without him..

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