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  im in love with a married man
  Re: im in love with a married man

 (sad)  Re: im in love with a married man

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happy Re: im in love with a married man , CA2CBFA819B788E2072DCB822E7A9DAC , 16 Apr 2008 20:17
happy Re: im in love with a married man , 779951887798518F7791518F7792518F7797518C , 01 Feb 2008 19:40
Re: im in love with a married man (Reply to: 118008 from )
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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 20:24:41 +0100
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hi, let me share my feelings too.
I am currently married and am still in early 20s and because of having pain sometimes with my husband, like if i hear some gossips that hurts me a lot like girls, you know what i mean, like the typical gossips in a marriage relating a third party,it kinna changes my feelings for him and i dont know why, probably its the effect of hurtness, and also for got to mention we have 1 baby and she is 2 years old. but recently,i met someone, he is a married man and i think he has kids too, and he is like 25 years older than me i guess, so he is like my dad already=)actually he is my instructor, and i dont know why im having this kind of feeling for him, i dont know if im just admiring him or in love, its just that i cant understand what im feeling right now, as of now i dont know if what will im gonna feel because im trying to control my feelings but still i feel like i want to see him a lot and i keep on thinking of him everytime. honestly i dont like what im feeling right now because i know that i am a family person...but i just wanna get some advices or suggestions if what am i gonna do.the only thing that i know it can help me forget this feeling is not to attend my class anymore so that i couldn't see him? but i dont wanna drop my class i really wanted this and my problem is that everytime i see him my feelings gets deeper and it hurts me more everytime i think that i cant be with him. please help what should i do

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