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Sex Pain in a Woman can be a Symptom of Vestibulitis

Abstract: Vestibulitis is a cause of sex pain in the vagina which is not well known and therefore often misdiagnosed.

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Sex Pain in a Woman can be a Symptom of Vestibulitis

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Written by: Gunborg Palme, authorised pschologis, authorised psychotherapist, certified alcohol therapist, teacher and tutor for psychotherapy.
First version: 22 Jul 2008.
Latest revision: Aug 2008.

My fiancée says that she feels a tearing pain when we are having sex. What could be the reason?


When a woman is in such a pain that it feels as if her vagina is beeing torn apart during intercourse, the reason could be that she has or is about to develop vestibulitis.

Pain during intercourse affects many women but there is no single explanation. The pain can be mild or strong. Vaginal thrush and intercourse without enough lubrication is usually associated with the problem. Lubrication is the female equivalence to erection. It makes her organ filled with blood and it becomes wet.

Vestibulitis is a condition that often makes intercourse entirely impossible. Some women can't even ride a bike or wear trousers. If the woman continues having intercourse despite of the pain, there is a risk that it might get worse. This makes it really important to look for help. Pain during intercourse must be taken seriously and anyone experiencing pain during intercourse should a gynaecologist.

Everyone working with healthcare should be aware that vestibulitis does exist, but this condition is not always taken seriously. The treatement of vestibulitis is not yet sufficientlely developed. There is no optimal cure for the moment, but it can be cured. Contact a gynaecologist, and if you think that your doctor is not taking the problem seriously, try getting in touch with another. It is common that women with vestibulitis are adviced to use lubrication but it could make the condition worse if the real cause is vestibulitis.

If a woman says that she has a tearing pain in her genital area during intercourse, then everything isn't right, irrespective of if the reason is psychological or physical. Therefore, it is important to visit a gynaecologist.

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