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Articles about Gender Identity Disorder

Abstract: A list of articles about gender identity disorder - its definition, causes, inicidence and treatment.

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Articles about Gender Identity Disorder

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Written by: Jacob Palme, professor
First version: 22 Jul 2008.
Latest revision: 23 Jul 2008.

An overview of articles in Crocodilu about gender identity and related issues and disorders

Definition and overview of Gender Identity Disorder

Strong feelings of being born with the wrong gender. This long article discusses different kinds of gender identity disorder, their definition and cultural views on them.

Incidence of Gender Identity Disorder

It is estimated that one out of 11900 men and one out of 30400 women have a gender identity disorder.

Causes of Transsexualism, Transgender and Gender Identity Disorder

Little is known about causes.

Effects of Gender Identity Disorder

Gender identity disorder can cause depression and other misery.

Treatment of Transsexual Gender Identity Disorder

Treatment can either be psychotherapy (changing the feelings) or surgery (changing the body).

Transvestic Fetishism

Being sexually aroused by fantasies about wearing clothes of the opposite sex.

Consequences of Being Homosexual

Phases in the development of the homosexual identity.

Sexual disorders

List of all articles in Crocodilu about sexual problems and disorders.
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